As part of C2C CTF 2021 CyberSecurity Student Competition, we will hold webinars that will include talks and discussions on CTF topics and related cyber security issues.

Speakers will be invited from participating universities, sponsoring companies, and leaders in these areas.

The webinars are intended to teach and deepen the knowledge of the participants as well as expand their horizons.

Possible subjects may contain:

lectures on the CTF topics, how to cooperate in the CTF, how to solve CTF challenges, discussing recently identified vulnerabilities, interesting panels, etc.

Our first webinar:

Securing a World of Physically Capable Computers

Security guru,
Bruce Schneier

May 19


8:30am EDT | 12:30pm UTC |
13:30 BST | 2:30pm CEST | 8:30pm
 AWST | 9:30pm JST | 10:30pm AEST

Webinar participation is open to all logged-in users (competition applicants and guests, with priority to applicants).

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Computer security is no longer about data; it's about life and property. This change makes an enormous difference, and will shake up our industry in many ways. First, data authentication and integrity will become more important than confidentiality. And second, our largely regulation-free Internet will become a thing of the past.

Soon we will no longer have a choice between government regulation and no government regulation. Our choice is between smart government regulation and stupid government regulation. Given this future, it's vital that we look back at what we've learned from past attempts to secure these systems, and forward at what technologies, laws, regulations, economic incentives, and social norms we need to secure them in the future.

(photography: Julian Dodd)

Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist and author. Described by the Economist as a "security guru," he is best known as a refreshingly candid and lucid security critic and commentator. Schneier publishes a free monthly newsletter, Crypto-Gram, with over 150,000 readers.

Recordings of past webinars