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  • Knowledge dissemination among students

  • Promote international collaboration among the participating universities

  • Promote International networking between students

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  • Steganography

  • Scripting

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Cryptography

Challenges Topics

  • Forensics

  • Boot2root

May also include:

  • Common Vulnerabilities
    (SQL Injection, Buffer Overflow, etc.)

  • Network Attacks

  • IOT

  • Side Channel Attacks

  • Security Protocols

  • Kernel Vulnerabilities

  • Vulnerability Analytics Based on Existing Vulnerability Databases

  • Vulnerability Analytics Based on Existing Vulnerability Databases

  • Application Vulnerabilities (In Cloud Apps, Database Applications, etc.)

  • Cloud Vulnerabilities

  • ICS

  • Medical and Autonomous Systems

  • Quantum and Post Quantum

C2C-CTF-2021 Awards

The top three winning teams will be given prizes

1st Team:   $5,000 + award certificate

2nd Team: $2,000 + award certificate

3rd Team:  $1,000 + award certificate

Every participant will receive a participation certificate


Students should be enrolled in University courses at UG PG PhD level.

Applications will be considered from universities that are based in the UK, USA, Japan, Israel, France and Australia.

Competition Milestones

1. Registration to the competition - until June 30th, 2021

2. After June 30th, The International C2C Committee will select up to 
500 students from received applications to participate in the qualifiers.

3. The qualifiers - an
individually challenge stage.

August 10st, 202124 hours -  00:00-24:00 UTC.

After completing the qualifiers, students will be organized in teams of five students from different universities to encourage international academic collaboration. 

These teams will compete in the final competition on August 31th, 2021

Selection Criteria

We aim to select competitors from a broad range of backgrounds, nationalities, languages, genders, experiences and cyber security skills.

We seek motivated and resourceful participants who enjoy a tough intellectual challenge in a cooperative international context. We are not merely looking at experts who have won other hacking competitions before.


Deadline for students to apply
June 30, 2021

(Individuals stage)

August 10, 2021 



Final competition
(Teams stage)

August 31, 2021

Awards Ceremony
September 9, 2021



As part of the competition, we will hold webinars that will include talks and discussions on CTF topics and related cyber security issues.

Speakers will be invited from participating universities, sponsoring companies and leaders in these areas.

The webinars are intended to teach and deepen the knowledge of the participants as well as expand their horizons.

Possible subjects may contain:

lectures on the CTF topics, how to cooperate in the CTF, how to solve CTF challenges, discussing recently identified vulnerabilities, interesting panels, etc.

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